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PowerUp: Cyber Games

PowerUp: Cyber Games

CyberUp’s PowerUp: Cyber Games provides an easy way for individuals and teams to compete against others and gain in-demand skills in a monthly youth cyber competition. Students will use the same tools that security professionals use and will be tasked with navigating real-world scenarios. The skills the students build in the youth PowerUp: Cyber Games will make them invaluable to future employers.

CyberUp’s PowerUp: Cyber Games is geared to inspire middle school and high school students toward this lucrative and in-demand career field. PowerUp: Cyber Games is a unique cybersecurity competition designed to teach its participants to solve computer security problems, and capture and/or defend computer systems.
Students will compete monthly utilizing an online platform from the convenience of their school, home, or library computers. Students will also have access to online curriculum to help them prepare for the competition. Students will compete on a Thursday, Friday, OR Saturday for a 4-hr. consecutive block. Students will earn points during each month’s competition. The team or person with the most points in their division by April 2021 will be the winner.

During the May Award Banquet, we will recognize the first, second, and third place teams in each division. CyberUp will also celebrate the students’, teachers’, and volunteers’ accomplishments during the season.
11 - 18
St. Louis City, North County (Hazelwood/Florissant/Bridgeton), South County (Crestwood/Oakville/Mehlville), Mid County (Clayton/Kirkwood/Creve Coeur), West County (Chesterfield/Ballwin/Fenton), Mobile Services
911 Washington Ave
St. Louis
Zip Code
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