Jacked! Online Musical

  • When: Sunday, January 24, 2021 - All Day Event
  • Location: Online Event
  • Cost: Tickets are available through sliding scale pay-per-view pricing. Only one ticket is required to view the program. Please consider purchasing tickets based on the number of members of your family who may be watching.

It’s Jack and the Beanstalk with a modern-day twist. In this reimagined world, Jack and his mother struggle to live happily ever after. When his farm can't feed him, his community can't support him, and his mother can't take care of him, Jack takes matters into his own hands. After climbing the beanstalk and stealing the giant's goose, Jack flees home and discovers the goose's golden eggs have a mysterious, intoxicating power that turns his world upside down. How can something so good make everything bad? Can Jack turn things around to save his village?

Jacked! fuses storytelling and poetry with nonstop hip-hop and break-beat music in this fresh, energetic virtual production that uses hand-drawn animation based on visuals by designer Nick Kryah, exploring the imaginative boundaries of theater, film, and animation. And inside the story and the music is an age-appropriate message for children about substance abuse and its effects on our communities.

The cast includes St. Louis hip hop duo The Knuckles and MTC favorite Jarris L. Williams (last seen playing the title role in Ghost).
Enjoy this special pay-what-you-can bonus weekend!

For ages 5 to 11. The program is approximately 40 minutes with no intermission.


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